Let's move on up to Capsule. This show just FEELS good. De*Nada's pitch-perfect Fall colors Such sick headphones! eskuche Trying out new eskuches: GREAT bass. Hellz Fall: graphite, gritty, girly Nicole from Hellz, looking boss. Surprise! It's Industry of All Nations. Awesome space graphics from Mary Meyer Zuriick gave out gummy bears!

Capsule is another one of our favorite trade shows. Located in one ballroom of The Venetian, it’s a warm space filled with independent design that’s about to burst the style bubble. Rustic and neo-industrial pieces alike can be found throughout the show floor. Also, they give out ice cream! Moxsie missed out on the frozen sweets, but we did get bags of candy…

  • De*Nada - Designer Virginia was there with her fiancee, aww! We’re really excited about the versatility in their Fall scarves.
  • eskuche - Moxsie’s two former electronics retail employees were there to give the new models four thumbs up.
  • Hellz - YES, ladies, they are moving in to bags!
  • Industry of All Nations - New styles on the way to add to their original espadrille selection.
  • Mary Meyer - Think space, large prints, and stuff you want to wear.
  • Zuriick - Such sweet guys from Utah. Thanks for the gummy bears!

Believe it or not, there’s STILL more trade show coverage on the way.

Photos: Jacqueline HuynhMayka Mei